December 13, 2011

Featured Facebook Campaigns: BeKnown, Starz, Lexus, Starbucks and Gap

Be Known explains their strategy for helping users and companies leverage Facebook to find job matches this week in our featured Facebook campaigns. There was also Starz’s new game to generate excitement for the premiere of “Spartacus,” Lexus’ charity campaign, Starbucks’ new drink and the Gap’s gift card contest.

Below is an excerpt of this week’s full Featured Facebook Campaigns entry in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of over 100 other Facebook marketing campaigns by top-performing brands and other organization on Facebook.

BeKnown’s College Pages, Jobs Tab on Facebook

Goal: Network Exposure, Product Use, Brand Loyalty

Method: BeKnown has recently released two integrations of its job search application. One is called College Pages and utilizes a user’s alumni and school networks to help them find work. The other, Job Tab, allows companies to post jobs on their Pages.

Core Mechanic: We spoke to Tom Chevalier, Global Product Manager for Monster Worldwide (parent to BeKnown) and he told us there were two main reasons the company had rolled out the integrations. One was to help users take advantage of their school networks on Facebook when searching for work, and secondly, to give brands another opportunity to engage users by bringing their human resources departments into the Facebook marketing game.

“College Pages play into the way in which we can help a school, help its alumni and help students come together. We really think Facebook is the place to do that,” Chevalier told us. In the College Pages BeKnown users may post jobs to the app, users may also see other people in their network affiliated with the school.

The company Pages are free to use for any company, Chevalier told us. The point of the integration is to bring in the HR department to be a part of the conversation on Facebook. It allows companies to look at fans as potential talent, he said.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of implementing this software on Facebook is that searching for work is often a private affair, thus BeKnown has limited sharing opportunities in order to secure trust with its users, Chevalier explained. “We do not take every possible opportunity to share information on Facebook. While user adoption and numbers are important to us, we are not willing to compromise the trust factor,” he said. That said, Chevalier did hint at a phased rollout of new features taking advantage of the custom open graph.

Ultimately, Chevalier said the BeKnown apps on Facebok would help users advance their careers in brands and schools they are connected to, and help companies connect with talent already invested in their brand.

Impact: These integrations allow BeKnown/Monster to spread all over Facebook, but according to AppData the number of users of BeKnown is currently down. Currently the app has about 210,000 MAU.

Starz’s Spartacus Campaign, Take Up Arms

Goal: Brand Loyalty, Network Engagement, Viewership Growth

Method: Starz has created a game-sweepstakes combo in anticipation of the beginning of the “Spartacus” TV show.

Core Mechanic: The Like-gated app is both a sweepstakes with a grand prize of a trip to New Zealand to visit the set, as well as branded gift packages. Users may enter the sweepstakes alone, or also play the game, Take Up Arms, and engage in the plot of the show, which is a rebel fight against Roman slaveowners. In the game users may take the side of the rebels or the Romans.

Impact: The Page comes in just under 2 million Likes but the real success of this campaign will be measured by the number of folks watching the show. PageData shows a recent spike in growth on the Page.

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November 21, 2011

Using Social Media to Increase Your Website’s Online Authority [Infographic]

When you construct up your website, manage you ever address your characteristics in periods of ‘authority’? The next infographic takes a gaze at some procedures to enhance the administration of your website, in order that your users will understand that you are the be-all end-all source of data on your granted topic.

The Authority Building Machine best features most of the communal newspapers sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg and LinkedIn. These procedures encompasses tips on some significant localities of website authorship — connection construction, communal newspapers trading and content marketing.

October 21, 2011

Facebook ‘Like’ Button: A Source of Heavy Traffic

Facebook want and cultural plugins can be consumed within various passages towards produce increasingly traffic for a corporation and a website. Over the beyond year Facebook likes possess proven towards be many than effective within fetching many revenue towards a brand..
Recently, Danny Sullivan, the editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land posted a innovation with organise reference towards Facebook. The innovation consists everybody the meaningful stats approximately Facebook ‘like’ button and how much traffic it brings towards a website as soon as integration.
Here are a number of of the excerpts from the report:
Media related stats
• The medium media spot integrated with Facebook has sighted a 300% increase within referral traffic.
• People whom sign within with Facebook at The Huffington Post look 22% many pages and spend eight minutes longer than the medium reader
• Users arriving towards the from Facebook spend 85% many moment, read 90% many articles and monitor 85% many videos than a non-connected user.
•, Washington Post and The Huffington Post are remarked towards possess many than replicated their referral traffic from Facebook since adding cultural plugins.
Integration with Brands
• Levi’s observed a 40 moments increase within referral traffic from Facebook as soon as implementing the Like button within April 2010 and has maintained those grades since.
• Outdoor sporting commodities retailer observed 100% increase revenue from Facebook within two weeks of adding the Like button.
American Eagle added the Like button adjoining every product onto their spot and located Facebook mentioned visitors spent an medium of 57% many finance than non-Facebook mentioned visitors
• Children’s clothes retailer Tea Collection added the Like button towards sale merchandise and observed daily revenues increase ten times.
ShoeDazzle added the Like button towards everybody of the products onto its spot and within the former month had thousands of likes for its top products.
• ShoeDazzle also lets civilians login towards its spot consuming Facebook, and Facebook-connected users were 50% many necessarily towards earn repeat purchases every month than medium shoppers.
• When a Ticketmaster user columns a specific happening they are attending, or may need towards attend, towards Facebook, it generates $5.30 of organise ticket sales
According towards Facebook, whether the want buttons are spaced at the bottom as well as onto the top, the number of blows onto the ‘like’ button increases. For example, as soon as Metacafe integrated the want button onto both the sides, its traffic across Facebook increased. The number of daily likes tripled, the daily referral traffic from Facebook towards Metacafe doubles and per day Facebook affair that is likes shares and rumours increased towards 20,000 per day.

September 6, 2011

Featured Facebook Campaigns: Pacifico Beer, Tillamook Cheese, Tic Tac, Consumer Reports and ING Direct

Pacifico Beer planned parties, Tillamook Cheese made sandwiches, Tic Tac asked people to share about cancer, Consumer Reports gave out free information and ING Direct tried to make currency cool in this week’s roundup of Facebook campaigns. We’ve excerpted two of the campaigns below.

You can see the full week’s coverage in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of over 100 other featured campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

Pacifico’s Adventures On Tap Roadtrip and Parties

Goal: Engagement, Brand Loyalty, Product Purchase

Core Mechanic: Pacifico beer company traveled to five cities to introduce Pacifico on tap — Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle — then documented the trips with video and created an app on the Page to feature highlights of each trip.

Method: The company planned five parties, one in each city and then took information about each party and trip and placed it within a Facebook Application Developers that users can peruse. Using the app users can see that the company did different things in each city, decorated a beer keg differently for the attitude of each city and is generally a young, hip company (mirroring its proposed consumer market).

Impact: The Page currently has 18,300 Likes and this particular campaign seemed to be more about introducing a new product — Pacifico on tap — rather than growing the Page. Now if people want more information about this beer on tap, on Facebook they can find not just the information, but a tightly branded presentation of this information documented in several videos on the Page and this video in general.

Tillamook’s Cheese ‘Wich Photo App

Goal: Engagement, Network Exposure, Product Purchase, Brand Loyalty

Core Mechanic: Tillamook created a branded app that allows users to upload a photo to the Page, then have that photo appear as a burn on their Tillamook grilled cheese sandwich.

Method: Users simply upload a photo to the app, created by Hello Design, and then they have the chance to adjust its placement, size, etc. When the user is satisfied with their image on the grilled cheese sandwich they may publish to the stream.

Impact: The Tillamook Page shows steady growth, according to PageData, but this particular campaign seemed to be more about making the cheese personal to exiting fans, given that the app is not Like-gated. The app is interesting because it allows users to personalize the ways in which they love cheese — of all things — and share it with their friends on Facebook in a fun, unique way.

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